Adding plugins to a Gridsome site

Gridsome is a great static site generator, written in Vue.js, to host websites. I have written before about why I chose Gridsome. I started this site with a great starter template, but wanted to add a few more features to it. Thankfully, the Gridsome community has a number of quality plugins to make this easy.

There are three features I wanted:

  • Google Analytics to track site visits
  • A sitemap.xml to help crawlers index the site
  • Disqus comments on each blog post

The first two - Google Analytics and a sitemap generator - have official Gridsome plugins. But for Disqus comments I will have to do a tiny extra, using a Vue.js plugin instead. One quick note: I'm using yarn instead of npm, so that's what you'll see below. The plugin pages have instructions for npm if that's how you do things. :)

Google Analytics

The @gridsome/plugin-google-analytics page makes this quite simple.

yarn add @gridsome/plugin-google-analytics

This adds the library to your packages.json file. Now you just need to copy/paste the code into your gridsome.config.js file.

(module.exports = {
  "plugins": [
      "use": "@gridsome/plugin-google-analytics",
      "options": {
        "id": "UA-XXXXXXXXX-X"

Put your actual tracking ID in there and you are set. gridsome build is all you need before deploying this.


Following the instructions on the @gridsome/plugin-sitemap page: yarn add @gridsome/plugin-sitemap

You do need to make sure that your gridsome.config.js has a siteUrl set. The plugin example has some different configuration options, depending on your pages and url structure. Mine is pretty simple, as all I have are blog posts for the top directory. So my plugin code for my gridsome.config.js is:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      use: "@gridsome/plugin-sitemap",
      options: {
        cacheTime: 600000, // default
        exclude: ["/exclude-me"],
        config: {
          "/*": {
            changefreq: "weekly",
            priority: 0.5,

I left the "exclude" part in, even though I don't currently use it. After you build your site, your sitemap should be available at /sitemap.xml You may not see it locally, but gridsome build and deploy that, and you should see it in production.

I would suggest using Google Webmasters to show Google exactly where your sitemap is. It will then tell you if you have any errors.

Disqus Comments

This one's just a bit tricker because there is not an official Gridsome plugin. You will have to use the vue-disqus component. Make sure to check the link for current instructions, but at this time:

npm install vue-disqus gets it into your package.json You will now need to install it in your Vue app. In your main.js you'll need to import it and then register it. Here is what my main.js looks like:

import "~/assets/style/index.scss";

import DefaultLayout from "~/layouts/Default.vue";

import VueDisqus from "vue-disqus";

export default function(Vue, { router, head, isClient }) {
  Vue.component("Layout", DefaultLayout);

Finally, if you are going to use comments like I do - underneath each blog post - you would put the following code in your template:

<div class="comments">

Just add your short name from your Disqus account and the url of your site. And that's it.

Check all your work locally with gridsome develop. Once you confirm it all looks good, build again: gridsome build and deploy.